Vulcury Consulting
Vulcury Consulting
Strategy, Growth, and Operations Advisory Services
  • Business Consulting Services

    Vulcury Consulting supports your business - whether it be strategy development, growth, cost cutting, operational improvement, or commercial/M&A due diligence
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  • Breakthrough Insight

    Being in the weeds every day can make breakthrough changes hard to see, let alone implement.  Our third party perspective, based on years of experience, is often the thing client's need
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Strategy, Growth, and Operations Experts

Born from our team's experiences at Monitor Deloitte Consulting and building startups, Vulcury Consulting provides a unique cross-industry and cross-functional perspective that can be a difference maker for your business.

Critical Insights.  
High Return on Investment.

Bulge bracket consultancies provide global scope and scale.  But your business might not need the global infrastructure of a McKinsey, Bain, BCG, Deloitte, or Accenture.  In fact, that extra infrastructure might cost you more for less efficient solutions.  Instead, get the similar work product without the same overhead expense.  Vulcury Consulting delivers this with its efficient business model and veteran consultants.

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Project Types

M&A and Corporate Due Diligence

Considering an acquisition or merger?  Seeking clarity on industry benchmarks? Our diligence efforts can get you the market reach and insight you seek.

Growth Strategy and Implementation

Marketing, Sales, PR, Advertising, and Social Media are all critical pieces to an effective growth strategy. We help establish your strategy and implement it.

Operational Efficiency and Cost Cutting

Getting more from your resources is an ongoing challenge for every business.  We can help you identify streamlining opportunities for operations and cost savings.

Industries Served


Life Sciences

Contract Manufacturing


Consumer Products

Financial Services 

Clients Supported Include

Due Diligence

We talk with internal and external key stakeholders to model the impact of key corporate decisions, particularly mergers and acquisitions

Corporate Strategy

We work with you to understand key corporate goals and refine the strategy and key tactics and milestones to realizing them

Growth Strategy

We develop marketing strategies and underlying tactics based on your data and goals

Operational Improvement

We use interviews and data to identify cost capture opportunities, streamline processes, and consolidate costs

What we do

We are committed to executing for you.  Reach out so we can learn more about opportunities to help.

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Cullen Hilkene


Monitor Deloitte, 3Diligent, MBA UCLA Anderson, Princeton University

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Shivam Verma


Queens Mary University of London, 3Diligent, MS Aerospace Engineering, B.E. NRI Institute

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Shashank Singh


B.A. NRI Institute